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Yumbana GLuten Free

YumBana Gluten Free is dedicated to bringing back the joy of eating delicious baked goods to those with food intolerances. They offer a line of gluten and soy free bakery items that include cakes, cookies, muffins and pies.

YumBana Gluten Free was looking for a packaging refresh that would elevate the brand and prioritize taste appeal. Feeling their current design looked too juvenile,

YumBana wanted a more sophisticated design that would align with its premium quality point, without losing its approachable aesthetic.

Starting with the muffin and mini-cake lines, we sought to bring a higher level of

sophistication to the brand through clear messaging, tasty product photography and limited color palettes. We also explored ways to pay homage to the company’s Colorado roots by visually representing the mountain peaks that are referred to in the product names. The new look was implemented across 11 mini cake and muffin flavors.

SCOPE: Packaging Design

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2c-Sam Gwozdek_YumBana Packaging_r1_DEN_
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