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60% of girls in Rural Africa miss up to 5 days of school per month from the onset of menstruation, resulting in a large percentage dropping out of school once they reach puberty. PridePads Africa aims to empower girls and help them realize their full potential by staying in school and no longer living with the stigmas and taboos attached to menstruation. We brought PridePads Africa's mission to life with a visual identity and packaging design that reinforces female empowerment. 

SCOPE: Brand Development, Brand Identity & Architecture, Logo Design, Print Collateral, Event Branding, Packaging, Presentation Design


"We enlisted Phillips Lane Creative to work with us on PridePads Africa, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable sanitary pads to girls and women in Cameroon, Africa. Sam worked on our project with steadfast determination and integrity and helped us create all of our branding, marketing and design elements. She has an incredible eye for detail and works in a timely manner. I cannot recommend Sam highly enough and am so glad we found her.”


Executive Board Leader, PridePads Africa

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