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Mike & Butter's Bakery

Mike & Butter’s Bakery by Classic City Bakeries offers a line of premium bread products that include focaccia, pull apart rolls and brioche buns. A portion of
profits are donated to animal rescues that help find dogs their forever homes.

As a small business experiencing challenges from COVID-19, Mike & Butter’s Bakery
reached out to The Art of Good (TAOG), a non-profit virtual creative network, for
help refreshing and relaunching its Mike & Butter’s Bakery brand. We provided Mike & Butter’s Bakery with a new brand identity and packaging that reflects the premium, artisan, and small batch feel of the products while touching on it’s animal philanthropy. We then implemented the new branding across digital and print campaigns to help drive awareness, trial and purchase.

SCOPE: Brand Development, Logo Design, Brand Identity & Architecture, Packaging Design, Packaging Prototyping & Production, Campaign Development, Print Collateral, Social Media Design, Web Design

TEAM: Reid Holmes, Dan Weeks, Emilia Dabrowska, Sue Johnson, Leslie Crayne

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