gut health snack

Hyggut is an on-the-go gut health snack made of gut-friendly fruits, veggies, seeds, spices and PREbiotic acacia fiber. The Phillips Lane Creative and Hyggut teams put our heads together to create an animated explainer video about the role prebiotic fiber plays in our gut health and overall well-being. Take care of your gut, take care of yourself. 

SCOPE: Illustration, Style Frames, Storyboarding, Animation


"Phillips Lane Creative was a pleasure to work with on an animation project we recently completed. Sam was very professional and inspirational from the concepting phase all the way through finalizing the video. The animation work was done meticulously, and the final product over-delivered on our expectations. We would work with them again in a heartbeat!"


Brand Manager, Hyggut: Gut Health Snack

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