Volo Earth Ventures

VoLo Earth Ventures is a climate-technology venture capital firm that invests in early-stage startups focused on making a positive impact on climate change. 


Phillips Lane Creative provided VoLo Earth Ventures with a new logo that is comprised of three arrows pointing inward (also representative of the letter “V”) and rotated 23.5

degrees as a nod to the Earth and its tilted axis. The Volo Earth wordmark uses

a custom san serif typeface that is modern and clean with perfect circles and

slight rounded edges that are also found in the mark. Ventures is set below in

a monospace font that evokes innovation and technology, a subtle call to VoLo

Earth’s data-driven approach to climate investing. Branded patterns, typography,

color palette, and custom icons were produced in this brand essence.

SCOPE: Brand Development, Logo Design, Brand Identity & Architecture, Brand Guidelines

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